Andrew Leiper, our Net Zero Carbon Leader, featured in NLA'S 'Five minutes with…'

9 September 2020

New London Architecture’s David Taylor is running a series of Five Minutes With…’ interviews with architects and designers to find out what they have been up to, particularly during the current lockdown. Recently, David spoke to Andrew Leiper. our Net Zero Carbon Leader, about all things net zero.

The interview was prominently shared on NLA's homepage and went out to all their members in their weekly newsletter.

Touching on the influence of COVID-19 on the mission to move towards a net-zero environment:

"I think COVID and the lockdown has shown what can be done; what can happen if we have a major shift in the way we live. And I think people might be more accepting of making some changes or changing the way they have been working." - Andrew Leiper

... and the question whether Joe - and Josephine - Public are listening to the climate debate:

"I suspect it's 50/50. I think we work in a little bit of a bubble. We talk about it a lot and a lot of the collaborators we work with or work for are familiar with the subject, so I suspect that we feel there’s a lot more going on and there's a lot greater awareness than necessarily there is with Joe Public. My role and one of my personal missions – and I think we should all think in this way – is to really promote and raise awareness of it. Because, really, we've got 10 years till 2030 to avoid the worst-case effects of global climate change. We really all need to be advancing quite quickly now from this point on. So I think there are lot of people who find change uncomfortable or who are concerned about how this might impact on their own personal lives and maybe choose to either look away or just choose to not believe it." - Andrew Leiper

... the interview provides interesting insights and food for thought. 

If you'd like to read more about Andrew's thoughts and his for message architects, developers, planners, local authorities, and other engineers, you can read the full interview here