Are You Sitting Comfortably?

By Mark Palmer

03 June 2014

When the engineers at Max Fordham go out to present our wares to clients and architects, we pack our trusty Powerpoint presentation. It gives a snapshot of our history, our approach and a round-up of some of the more significant projects the Practice has completed. No great mysteries there.

One of the slides is simply titled ‘Comfort and Joy’. To me, this sums up what building services and environmental design are all about. Yes, it’s about the pipes and the wires required to condition the building. But true comfort and joy can only be realised if we also consider the whole building – the building materials, envelope and orientation and their effect on light, sound, heat, air and energy in the building.

It’s about quality of light, daylight and views; it’s about good acoustics; it’s about temperature and air movement; it’s about conserving the energy we have within the building envelope; it’s about intuitive personal control.

Good environmental engineering can add the element of joy that makes a building a special place to be in - that almost imperceptible feeling of well-being you experience when a building works.

Over the coming months, this blog will explore our approach to what we call Beautiful Engineering. You’ll read from our engineers about what it takes to make a building comfortable and joyful. We’ll explore some of the obstacles, including policy and process that need to be overcome to get a great result. And we’ll report on the thinking and new ideas coming out of our research department at MAX:R+I.

I hope you find it useful. If you have any questions or comments, if you visit one of our buildings and you’d like to let us know please email or tweet us @maxfordhamllp. We’d love to hear from you.


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