The Unintended Consequences of Part L

By Paul Button

08 July 2014

We’ve spent more than three decades ensuring the requirement to conserve fuel and power is enshrined in the building regulations.

More recently that focus has expanded to include a reduction in a building’s CO2 output. The tools for achieving this remain the same – reduce air infiltration and decrease U values of building elements.

All good things and all worthy ambitions.

There are, however, problems associated with insulating buildings really well and making them more airtight. Laws of Unintended Consequences, if you like. They could have a significant impact on the health of residents in houses and flats, particularly at the budget end of the new build market. At worst, I believe they could prove potentially fatal.

As part of our ongoing blog series centred on the theme of ‘Comfort’, I invite you to download the document located here, and see what can be done to counter the unintended laws, and ensure no vulnerable person perishes in the heat.  


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