Fifty Shades of Green

By Elinor Huggett

23 February 2015

Tomorrow the UK-GBC launches their report into the benefits of green infrastructure.

I'll be attending the party (well, breakfast event), and I'm really looking forward to hearing more about the research into this carried out by other teams: it's something the MAX R+I Group have spent some time examining over the last couple of years.

In fact, we'll be presenting our own work in the area at the CIBSE Technical Symposium in April this year. But if you can't wait until then to hear the Max Fordham view on things, we've posted a sneak preview of our conclusions on our website. We hope you'll find some things in there to chew over - and if you find yourself in vehement opposition to any of our assertions, do check back over the coming months as we fill in the gaps with more information on how we arrived at them.

Then come along to our talk in April and we'll have a lively debate with you!


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