Moiré Screens with Max:R+I

By Hareth Pochee

08 April 2016

Scene - a non-profit charity promoting art, architecture and design - is presenting 'Process in Work' at the Depot in Clapton, London until the 17th April.

Max Fordham's research and innovation team - Max:R+I - form part of the exhibition with their interactive studio demonstrating 'Moiré Screens'.

A combination of art, physics and engineering, the studio investigates and experiments with architectural applications of moiré patterned screens.

'We will be resident in the gallery space working on a range of experiments both physical and virtual,' explains Hareth Pochee, a senior engineer at Max Fordham. 'This will determine aspects such as light transmission, solar heat gain and the fluid dynamics of air flow through the screens.'




Images: Opening night at the Depot in Clapton.

To create the moire screen, two screens are chosen and placed on the light board. Different patterns are formed by moving the top and bottom screen, relative to each other, as light passes through the perforations.


'The results of these analyses, illustrations of applications, scribble sketches, concept designs and detailed drawings will be produced and displayed on a constantly evolving pin board alongside the Moiré Screens themselves,' Hareth notes.

Image: Fluid dynamics simulation of airflow through a moire screen made form perforated metal.

Max Fordham is one of four designers involved in the exhibition - with Studio Weave, Sorsha Galvin and Naty Lopez-Holguin also contributing works.

Process in Work takes place from 7th April -17th April. For more information about the series, check the Scene website

Moiré Screens and the Max R+I team will also feature at Process Part III at Dreamspace Gallery in May.


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