The boundaries of Planet Earth

By Max Fordham

28 July 2017

In July, I took part in CSAR's renowned lecture programme.

CSAR (Cambridge Society for the Application of Research) is a society that encourages an appreciation of the sciences. It promotes co-operation within and between Cambridge University, the wider academic community, the public and the industry. I presented them with my thoughts on the topic of 'Sustainable Engineering and Design for the Built Environment'. 

The system for Sustainable Engineering Design extends not just to the built environment, but to the whole of Planet Earth. Boundaries for Planet Earth include more than the buildings we occupy. It includes humankind as it has evolved. The system is a thermodynamic one in, terms of our need to design in a sustainable way. I wanted this lecture to provide food for thought, and not just focus on what is done now, but what has been done before and what can be done in the future.


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