Carbon Offsetting – friend or foe?

By Hareth Pochee

20 January 2020


We have always tried to make our offices as efficient as possible and have made many improvements to the buildings that we inhabit.

Recently, as part of achieving UKGBC Net Zero Carbon status, we analysed our offices' carbon emissions and decided to offset our carbon footprint. We spent a considerable amount of time researching the various offsetting schemes and decided to fund woodland creation at a voluntary cost of 100£/tCO2e. More information about this research can be found here.

We have undertaken this approach along with a pledge for continual improvement that prioritises making energy efficiency improvements, increasing low carbon heating systems and increasing renewable energy supply. We know that carbon offsetting is not a long term solution for net zero carbon. However, in conjunction with a medium term plan (10 years) to implement these preferred measures, we feel that making use of carbon offsetting is an environmentally responsible strategy.

To read more about our research into "Carbon Offsetting - friend or foe?", click here.


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