We're Net Zero Carbon!

By Hareth Pochee

14 February 2020

We’re proud to report that our offices have been verified as being net zero carbon (for operational energy related emissions) in accordance with the UKGBC Net Zero Carbon Building Framework for the period 2018-2019.

To achieve this, we’ve invested in our offices over the past 10 years to reduce energy demand, improve metering, and we’ve added some renewable electricity generation. We’ve appointed a team of Energy Champions to monitor and manage our energy use, and we’ve purchased carbon credits to offset the remaining CO2 emissions that result from the operation of our five offices.

The work we’ve carried out has put us at the forefront of the net zero carbon revolution, has provided valuable insight into how net zero carbon buildings can be designed and operated, and has been instrumental in further development of the UKGBC Framework.

All this is true and yet we assert that it’s not good enough; in order to end the UK’s contribution to global warming, further effort and a revised strategy for net zero carbon buildings are needed. Not just for our offices, but for all of the buildings in the UK. This article explains why and how.

Our energy data and carbon emissions analysis is written up and published in our UKGBC Net Zero Carbon Report. This has been verified as being in accordance with the UKGBC Net Zero Carbon Buildings Framework by a 3rd party auditor, Etude. Their report can be found here.


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