Black History Month: Save the date...

By Samiatt Folorunso

22 October 2021

The penultimate Friday in October is here - time for us to share a fourth resource we can use to educate ourselves on Black History.

Last Friday, Patricia Steven, Senior Engineer at Max Fordham, recommended the podcast Code Switch.

Today we're continuing with...

Camden's Black History Walk on 2nd November, an event recommended by Samiatt Folorunso, Head of Payroll & Pensions at Max Fordham.

Harold Moody plaque, YMCA Centre

Here's what she says...

I've been part of Max Fordham for over 17 years now. As part of our Accounts Christmas lunch, we always have a quiz, and in previous years I would hunt around for facts and figures about Max Fordham and Camden to keep things interesting.

Through the Practice’s celebration of Black History Month, a great local walk has been brought to my attention, being held to highlight the African/Caribbean history that Camden holds as well. For our quiz, I usually readily find lots of information about Camden’s past and the famous people who have lived there, like Charles Dickens, John Keats and Amy Winehouse. It's great to know that in early November, we can all use this walk to learn about another part of Camden’s rich history, one that isn't talked about as much but is equally important.

We hope you'll enjoy the walk - keep your eyes peeled for next Friday too, when we'll be sharing our final recommendation.


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