Black History Month: Once upon a time

By Katie Clemence-Jackson

29 October 2021

To round up this year's Black History Month, we'd like to share some final resources to educate ourselves on Black British History.

To learn about important historical events in British Black History and develop a sense of chronology - what happened when, where and why - take a look at this UK Black History Searchable Timeline, recommended by Katie Clemence-Jackson, Senior Engineer at Max Fordham.

Here's what she says...

From Queen Victoria's Black god-daughter, to Harold Moody, to the British Black Panther Movement, this timeline highlights prominent Black British people, groups and events in UK history dating all the way back to the first century. Each entry has recommended further reading if you want to learn more. It's a great place to develop your understanding of Black British history and its inspirational figures, as well as historic tragedies and injustices faced by the Black community in this country. - Katie Clemence-Jackson

If you're looking to stay up to date on contemporary Black History and would like to engage with the lived experience of Black people, make sure to follow @everydayracism on Instagram, an account which shares anti-racist news and commentary.

And finally... to get started with being a better ally to Black LGBTQ+ people, make sure you keep these things in mind, as recommended by Stonewall...

  • Listen to the voices of a community that has been historically erased
  • Support Black LGBTQ+ communities by recognising the privilege that you have
  • Showcase those communities, be it in the workplace, in social spaces or just in your personal lives
  • Share your achievements or a Black queer person you are proud of and use the hashtags #BlackHistoryMonth and #ProudToBe

We hope you enjoyed the personal suggestions to read/watch/listen to/attend/interact with we shared throughout this year's Black History Month. You can see all of them here.


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