8 more Certified Passivhaus Designers / Consultants, bringing the total to 19!

29 March 2022

We’re pleased to announce that our number of Certified Passivhaus Designers / Consultants has grown to the impressive number of 19!

With Paul Diller, Eda Ozkan, Neil Cogan and Heather Fox all passing the exam and four new certified members (Oliver Cooper, Irene Scudu, Nadya Lokhmotova, and Carrie Fung) joining our Passivhaus team, our expert team for the challenging international energy and comfort standard has grown significantly.

"I have always been interested in low energy buildings and think Passivhaus is one of the best standards out there to reduce the operational carbon footprint of our buildings. I am a great admirer of the design philosophy, forcing you to squeeze out as much performance as possible whilst trying to keep the construction as simple as possible. This is something we need to be doing on all new builds to help meet our net zero goals." - Paul Diller, Engineer and Passivhaus Consultant at Max Fordham 

Agar Grove, one of our most widely recognised Passivhaus projects

As part of the AECB (Association for Environment Conscious Building) CarbonLite training programme, the course is aimed at building professionals in the UK and prepares delegates for taking the Certified European Passivhaus Designer qualification. It introduces the principles behind the Passivhaus standard and methodologies and the use of the Passivhaus Planning Package (PHPP) for achieving low energy performance, with teaching firmly based on UK building examples. The AECB CarbonLite Programme is designed to prepare delegates not only for the exam but for future involvement in very low energy building projects.

"Passivhaus design has caught my interest for some time now as a robust approach for reducing energy use, so it was a great opportunity to do the course and join the Passivhaus team! For me, the opportunity to have a critical eye on so many aspects of the design- architectural, structural, MEP and landscape – and see how they all knit together to create an overall energy demand is really rewarding." - Heather Fox, Engineer, Passivhaus Consultant and Partner at Max Fordham

 In many ways, the Passivhaus standard it is a formalisation of Max Fordham's approach to building design that has been applied over the past 50+ years, and we're looking forward to continually expanding it as one of our core services.

"With the world almost universally committed to a common goal of living a lower energy and carbon lifestyle, Passivhaus provides an excellent standard to help the building industry achieve this goal whilst creating a comfortable environment for building occupiers to enjoy. The course itself enabled me to appreciate what it takes to create a low-energy Passivhaus building from its early design stages to the finished product from the perspective of an architect as well as an engineer. I’m very excited to be steering my career in this field and I am glad to have been given the opportunity to become a part of the Passivhaus team at Max Fordham!" - Eda Ozkan, Engineer at Max Fordham

Featured Project

Agar Grove Estate