Sahara Forest Project takes root in the sand

27 February 2012

A Pilot Plant for the Sahara Forest Project, a scheme to turn arid desert areas into fertile land, will now be built in Qatar, thanks to a cooperation agreement signed today.

The Sahara Forest Project AS signed the agreement with Yara International ASA and the Qatar Fertiliser Company, Qafco, who will fund the estimated US$5.3 million project on one-hectare of land inside the Qafco 5 site in Qatar.

The Plant is expected to be fully operational by December 2012.

Sahara Forest Project Partner Bill Watts said the project uses a unique combination of available resources and proven technologies to convert desert into farmable land, while producing much-needed fresh water, food, sustainable biomass and energy.

"In 2009 Max Fordham LLP contributed to the initial feasibility studies which showed the concept was feasible and economically viable," Mr Watts said.

"After assisting with more detailed engineering and a feasibility study over the past year, we are happy Max Fordham LLP is continuing their involvement with the Sahara Forest Project in Qatar.

"We're looking forward to seeing the Pilot in action later this year."

The Sahara Forest Project Qatar Pilot Plant is a collaboration between Qafco, The Sahara Project AS and Yara International ASA.

To discover how the project progressed in 2012 read 'Greening the Desert'.