Winter Webinar Series: The Future of Housing Design

19 February 2021

It's that time of the year again! Days get shorter, the weather gets colder and wetter, and we all spend more time in the comfort of our homes. So we thought... let's talk about housing design!

We are launching a Winter Webinar Series titled "The Future of Housing", which will run from November 2020 - February 2021 on Microsoft Teams.

The series will cover all aspects from small and private houses to large-scale masterplans, all with a focus on reducing energy and carbon.

[Update] This series is now completed - please see below for links to recordings of all seven webinars:

  1. Max's House - 2nd November, 2 - 3pm, presented by Ali Shaw (Watch recording here)
  2. Less is More - 24th November, 11am - 12pm, presented by Scott Crease (Watch recording here)
  3. Thermal Comfort in Dwellings, 8th December, 11am - 12pm, presented by Benjamin Sellars and James Byass (Watch recording here)
  4. Acoustic Comfort in Dwellings, 12th January, 12pm - 1pm, presented by Anthony Chilton (Watch recording here)
  5. Low-Carbon Heat Pt 1 - Building Fabric, Form, and Reducing Demand, 29th January, 2 - 3pm presented by Gwilym Still (Watch recording here)
  6. Low-Carbon Heat Pt 2 -  How to Integrate Heat Pumps Into Multi-Resi, 19th February, 12 - 1pm presented by Ben Sellars and James Byass (Watch recording here)
  7. Net Zero Carbon Conclusion, 1st March, 12 - 1pm presented by Andrew Leiper (Watch recording here)

Thanks for having joined us!