Adam Reeve

MEng CEng MIMechE

Senior Engineer

From a young age I have always been fascinated with understanding how things work.

I studied Mechanical Engineering at University and after graduating spent some time working in energy management. It gave me a good insight into how mechanical and electrical systems work within buildings and how these can be fine-tuned to optimise efficiency, but I quickly realised I had much more of an interest in the actual design of buildings.

During my time at Max Fordham I have been involved in a full breadth of projects, from education to residential buildings, healthcare to offices, and across a range of scales and costs. This has given me insight into the highly variable requirements of different clients, building users and facilities management teams, and I always address each project with a tailored approach.

I enjoy working on technically demanding projects and aim to develop the simplest and most suitable solution for even the most complex design challenges.

To me, beautiful engineering is about creating something that works efficiently and is visually pleasing. I believe this can only be achieved through good planning and communication with the client and the whole design team.

Adam Reeve