Anna Foden


Sustainability Assessor

I think we have a responsibility to design and construct buildings sustainably. 

I specialise in helping clients and design teams explore possibilities and make informed decisions about the environmental impacts of their buildings.

Many people on this planet spend the majority of their day indoors, creating a constant cycle of constructing or refurbishing our built environment. We should design and build these spaces to be as comfortable, safe, and resource-efficient as possible. They should also have as minimal an impact on the environment as possible, both during construction and in use. This involves designing to minimise CO2 emissions, water and energy usage,  embodied carbon of materials, and construction waste, as well as enhancing biodiversity and providing occupant amenities. 

The client's aspirations are a good starting point, but understanding how the building will be used - actually engaging with future building occupants as early as possible - is a key element of a successful project.  I help my clients figure out what they want for their building and develop conclusions about what's realistic within their brief and budget. I stay involved throughout the life of the project to help them reach those desired outcomes.

Anna Foden