Ben Allwood

BSc MInstP

Principal Engineer, Schools Leader, Partner

I’m a firm believer that good relationships create good buildings – relationships within the design team, with the client, with the contractors. And it’s also important to remember your relationship with the occupants and users of a building, if it’s to function properly.

One of my strengths as an engineer is my ability to develop good relationships. Ultimately I want to work to embrace and enhance the architect’s vision, to explore new ideas and integrate the engineering beautifully. I’m no push-over, but I bring an open mind to all my projects and I’m always prepared to communicate for a better result.

I’ve worked on a wide range of building types and I particularly enjoy schools and swimming pools. I come from a long line of teachers and I find it satisfying to know that by creating a great learning environment I’m making a difference to a student’s future. And pools are always ‘engineering-heavy’, making them great fun to balance all the systems to create a comfortable, enjoyable place for swimmers and gym-goers. 

Ben Allwood