Carl Brookes


Senior Engineer

I specialise in building physics, combining aspects from my Masters in Energy, Environment and Buildings at the University of Southampton and experience of simulation in the defence industry.

Much of my work centres on predicting internal environments, whether that’s modelling daylight, artificial light, temperature, humidity or moisture levels within sensitive fabrics.

My experience means I have a great understanding of what’s required for good modelling, but equally I know its limitations. This helps me interpret models successfully for the benefit of my projects.

Good communication is fundamental for an effective design team and a great project.  Interpreting modelled results and translating them into tangible conclusions is a part of that. I also bring a positive, constructive approach to my work that really pays dividends. By working from first principles, assessing the physics and communicating the subsequent design requirements to the design team, I help make buildings better.

An example of this approach is the work I did for RIBA London award-winning ‘The Light’ at the refurbished Grade II listed Friends House. We provided detailed modelling and design for the ventilation system that can comfortably and peacefully provide conditioned air to over 1000 occupants of the space.

The end result of our work is spaces that are comfortable to be in, where the engineering is invisible to the occupant and serving the architecture. I bring a good deal of effort to make it look effortless.

Carl Brookes