Carlotta Mirri


Engineer, Digital Design Specialist

For me, beautiful engineering means solving problems in an elegant way; integrating aesthetics, functionality and technology in perfect harmony.

This doesn’t only apply to the finished product, but also to the design process itself. I’m passionate about the development of BIM and the potential for digital tools to improve the whole design process. I believe our industry can benefit at all stages from the collaborative exchange of clean data, starting from initial concept all the way through to completion and operation.

What I love about my work is challenging inefficient workflows and the “old way of doing things”, helping the practice and our collaborators to further embrace the digital revolution in the construction industry.

I always investigate new ways of enabling communication and collaboration among all consultants in the design team and how data contained in our BIM models can be better organised, stored and shared.

My engineering expertise includes public health and mechanical design which in combination with my understanding of BIM and digital tools allows me to produce cost effective designs in a rapid collaborative workflow.

As part of the Digital Design Engineering Team my main focus is to implement BIM processes and standards for the practice. I am involved in the creation of new workflows and content to improve quality and productivity.

Carlotta Mirri