David Bjorkstrand



As a multi-disciplinary engineer, my main interest is making buildings work efficiently. This means delivering electrical, heating and ventilation designs that provide a comfortable environment with minimal mechanical systems.

Communication is a key strength of mine; explaining a concept in a way that is clearly understood without losing the technicality of it is very important.

I have worked on a number of great projects in my career with Max Fordham and my knowledge and experience covers projects of various scales and complexities in the built environment.

These projects not only cover new-builds, but also many refurbishments of existing and listed buildings, which require an investigative mind to work within the constraints of the existing site and infrastructure.

Part of my role at Max Fordham has been to focus on the relationship between the systems that we design and the building architecture, the building users and the building management team. Providing long lasting, low energy systems that are sympathetic to all three is a challenge I relish.

David Bjorkstrand