David Degrussa

Principal Engineer

Sustainability, for me, means thinking about how a building's occupants will use water. With this understanding, I can influence design so they get the services that they need, but not at the expense of the local ecology.

Each public health engineering design starts with understanding how the building will be used, the rest is about spatial management – which is where things become interesting. I’ve worked on pretty much every type of building from Grade I listed refurbishments to mixed use high rise new builds, designing bespoke sanitation, drainage and water services that fit into the architecture.

I enjoy being actively involved in the development of the engineering designs and seeing them implemented during construction. Having a pragmatic approach means that I understand how systems will actually work when the building is in use.

We can always improve how we use water. Building services strategies like rainwater harvesting and making use of grey water can have a positive impact on urban drainage and help our cities to be places that we want to live.

David Degrussa