Dorotea Papa


Engineer, Digital Design Specialist

I have always been motivated to innovate and find better ways to do things. Beautiful engineering, to me, means striving to find a better and more sustainable way to deliver our designs, while maximising integration with the architecture.

I am passionate about sustainable design, building physics and new technologies. I combine my expertise in the digital environment with engineering design, and promote the use of digital tools and a three-dimensional approach as a way to improve efficiency and deliver a better quality design.

On all my projects I consider the whole picture, understanding the point of view of all the people in the client and design team, and adapting my design accordingly. I firmly believe that an excellent design can only be delivered through an intimate collaboration across all stakeholders and disciplines.

As a Digital Design Engineer, I am helping to lead the production of Revit guidelines for the practice and improving our workflows by using software interoperability and standardising common tasks.

Dorotea Papa