Guy Nevill


Senior Partner

Ultimately buildings are about people.  Made by and for us, they influence the way we behave and interact. Producing a great building comes down to the individuals involved.

A thirst for communicating ideas drives much of my work, both for the Practice as a whole and on my engineering projects. I believe fostering a creative environment allows ideas to be developed and shared across design teams and the wider industry. It’s this generosity of ideas that drives collaborative innovation.

I have been lucky to work on a series of sustainable building exemplars. My early passion for passive design and understanding how buildings respond to their environment has been complemented by an interest in how people interact with the buildings that they occupy. Post-occupancy studies have highlighted these interactions in practice and enabled us to learn from them, uncovering even better ways to deliver buildings that work. 

My focus is not just on the relationship between buildings and the people that use them.  Having a background in farming, our innate connection with nature is obvious to me and is driving research in this area that we might apply to our designs in the future.

In my experience the most successful, the best loved buildings, come from thinking about the project as a whole from inception, right through to occupation and getting the right people properly engaged at the right time.

Guy Nevill