Hazel Selby


Principal Engineer, Lighting Designer, Partner

I’m sensitive to the importance of aesthetics in architecture. Understanding the balance between look, performance and cost allows me to create affordable, workable and attractive engineering solutions.

Working as a Project Engineer has developed my problem-solving skills. I start from the brief, working out the gaps and finding solutions for the buildings services design. It’s important to plan for the unknown wherever possible, that way you can respond quickly if questions arise onsite.

With experience from concept design to site delivery, I’ve learnt how to analyse information and apply it to my project to get the best result. I always have the finished building in mind.

My lighting design projects allow me to work with the architect to ensure the lighting enhances their architectural vision. Lightning Protection at Transforming Tate Modern was no different – we took a standard component and innovatively applied it to a complex project, ensuring both the architect and structural engineer were happy with the result.

Hazel Selby