Henry Pipe


Senior Partner

As the person responsible for many of the legal and commercial aspects of our business, my aim is to bring the same innovative fresh-thinking and professional diligence to these as we do to our engineering.

As a practice, we seek to be engaged with the wider industry and to influence it for the better. I've been active with the ACE (Association for Consultancy and Engineering), our professional association, and elsewhere in promoting fair payment terms and practices and a better approach to the terms and conditions of professional appointments. I believe there is little to be gained in a negotiation when both sides dig their heels in. I'd much rather spend the time understanding each other's position to try to find a solution that benefits everyone.

I am proud of our unique ownership and governance model which creates an incredibly rewarding and stimulating environment. There is nothing like working in an organisation that values everyone for the work they do, and where everyone is there because they want to be. I am a strong advocate of our structure and regularly share our experiences with other employee-owned businesses.

A final strand to my role is responsibility for our premises, which I use as an opportunity to create environments that stimulate and encourage what we do, and can work as test beds for a number of our ideas.

Henry Pipe