Jill Hamilton


Code for Sustainable Homes Assessor

I deliver valuable insight and technical advice by combining a wealth of research and organisational experience with a keen interest in both buildings and all aspects of sustainability.

I began my career working in applied research for the Environmental Psychology Department at the University of Surrey, exploring how people react to their environments. This led me to work in Artificial Intelligence for Rank Xerox before becoming a Technical Author and Editor, writing for Epson UK, BRE at Garston, Kodak and British Telecoms.

The attention to detail and technical understanding I developed was of great value to the Sustainable Design Unit of the City of Edinburgh when writing and producing their Sustainable Design Guide. This formed the basis for the Supplementary Planning Guidance for the City of Edinburgh Planning Applications.

Since then, I’ve been involved in authoring numerous sustainability reports for planning applications for student accommodation developments, new build offices and mixed-tenure housing developments.

Jill Hamilton