Joshua Shimmin


Senior Engineer

From a very young age, I have always been fascinated by how things work, creating spaces to live, and making people feel comfortable. Working at Max Fordham is a fantastic blend of these interests.

As an engineer, I aim to make buildings work. This means creating buildings with a comfortable internal environment that really works for the people who use it. An understanding of how the various systems in a building work in relation to the architecture and the people using them, allows me to look for ways to make them more efficient and ultimately leads to appropriate technical solutions. Thinking about how a building's services can be more energy efficient means looking not just at the detail of the design and installation. A wider holistic perspective is also required that has an appreciation of the wider context: from the client’s aspirations, through the building's form, to the wider socio-technical issues facing our society.

I enjoy the collaborative process of taking a building from conception to reality: working with other members of the design team to develop beautifully integrated systems and spaces. I’ve worked as a mechanical, electrical, and environmental design engineer on projects from early-stage concepts, through detailed design, to construction. I’ve also worked with new, existing and listed buildings.

I strongly believe that we have a responsibility to make sure that our built environment is designed to operate effectively now and in the future, while also creating spaces that are inspiring to be in.

Joshua Shimmin