Katie Clemence-Jackson


Senior Engineer, Partner

I like to think of services engineering as bringing a building to life. I start with an empty shell and turn it into a living, breathing place where people feel comfortable.

I create designs that go beyond their intrinsic functions, considering how each system will be installed, maintained, tested and understood by the end users.

One of the most rewarding aspects of my job is building relationships with design team and clients so that I can help turn their abstract ideas into an elegant design. Once I have understood their vision, motivation and goals I can design the engineering services to support and enhance this vision in a way that is implicitly understood by the end users.

I combine my engineering expertise with enthusiasm and clear communication, both to rally the team and to produce coherent and compelling design proposals. I always keep the overall project goals, deadlines and constraints in mind to help ensure my projects are delivered successfully in the client's eyes.

I have run projects at all stages, and worked on developments of many types including offices, schools, sports, leisure and housing designed to Passivhaus standards.

Katie Clemence-Jackson