Lewis Crabtree


Senior Acoustic Engineer, Partner

'Acoustics is sometimes not considered to the same extent as other elements in the design of a building. I think this is a mistake.

Noise is central to our health and well-being. Get it wrong in building design and you face the prospect of homes that are unhealthy to live in, offices that are under-productive, schools that inhibit learning and performance venues that hinder the performance. The disparity between the perception of the importance of acoustic design and its actual impact is a gap we can bridge.

As an acoustician, I really enjoy the collaborative process that results in something being built. I come from a background in finance and IT consultancy and that means I bring a very structured approach to my work. It’s important to plan work according to the required deliverables, and to map out the steps to achieve them, right from the beginning.

At all stages through the design and construction process, I work with the end user in mind. There are many competing considerations that have to be balanced, but I believe that by designing for the people that will actually use the building, we develop a better product.'

Lewis Crabtree