Luke Winterton

BSc MInstP

Principal Engineer, Partner

Whether I'm working on new buildings or heritage refurbishments, my approach to services design is the same: it's to produce a comfortable and pleasing environment for the people that will use the building.

As a multi-disciplinary engineer I've worked on a range of building types in different sectors. I find this diversity of experience is key to being able to quickly get to grips with the brief and tailor the design to specifics of the project .

It's important to think about how we will continue to keep the internal environment comfortable, not just now but for decades to come. Meeting sustainability targets isn't just about controlling CO2 emissions and running costs, it means delivering buildings that work and are easy to operate.

Low and zero carbon technologies have a lot to offer in how the performance of the building is managed. I enjoy the iterative design process, working with the project team to come up with a solution that seamlessly integrates with the architecture.

Luke Winterton