Matt Dickinson


Senior Partner and Manchester Office Leader

In my experience, it takes easy-to-use building services to create truly comfortable buildings. And that requires a keen eye for detail during the design process.

This process is really a series of discussions. My approach is to break down the brief into simple questions to help reveal the technical detail so we can deliver the right kind of building.

So, thinking about a passive ventilation strategy for a historic church where windows cannot be opened, the question isn't 'where do the ducts go?' It's 'how do we get air into the space?' And then 'how do we get it back out again?'

My experience includes schools, student accommodation, pools, listed buildings and theatres, although I’m interested in all types of projects. The breadth of my experience means I know what works and what doesn’t, and the project team can have confidence in that. Each time my goal is to engineer services that integrate seamlessly into the architecture.

Matt Dickinson