Maurizio Fanelli


Principal Engineer, Partner

Sometimes, beauty is simplicity. There is something very satisfying about integrating building services beautifully with architecture, and making something more sustainable.

With seven years’ experience in the Italian building services industry before arriving in the UK, I’ve engineered mechanical systems for everything from residential and office buildings to concert halls. I particularly enjoy the challenge of international projects – on which my fluent Italian, English, French, and Spanish languages are an asset. I use my skill in languages and my cultural awareness to manage projects across the world, designing for different local environments.

What interests me is not just being able to speak to people - it’s also being able to work to their cultural agenda.  Being aware of how different members of the design team approach and solve problems, having the ability to ask the right questions and to see the project right through to delivery.

I like to think that this acumen informs all my engineering work, whether the brief is for the refit of a historic building or for ground-breaking new builds like Milan’s Vertical Forest and the LEED Platinum certified Generali Tower.

Maurizio Fanelli