Muhammad Hussin



I believe that what we do is all about people. With so many moving parts in this industry, clear and concise communication is crucial. Equally important is keeping an eye on the bigger picture, designing systems with the inhabitant's operation and comfort firmly in mind.

This work isn’t about stifling designs with physical constraints, but about facilitating the aspirations of the client and architect. Coupling robust expertise with a flexible and open minded approach to engineering allows the exploration of unconventional solutions, giving the client more room to achieve their ambitions. That’s a feature of Max Fordham’s approach I’m proud to hold to.

The diversity of work I’ve taken on in this role has not only kept me intrigued but has allowed me a varied and valuable experience. Whether renovating within the constraints of a listed cathedral or designing systems from scratch in a new-build development, each project comes with its own set of challenges and lessons to be carried forward. Whatever the job, I approach it with the same exact aim of delivering a product the team can be proud of.

Muhammad Hussin