Peter Creaney


Senior Engineer

As environmental engineers, I think of us as negotiating on behalf of the building’s user.

We aim for comfort and the responsible use of resources to create flexible, robust and healthy spaces that meet the client’s brief and compliment the architecture. 

By influencing the building’s form, orientation and spatial arrangement at an early stage, we can do most of the hard work in creating a comfortable internal environment by passive means. This approach reduces the need for complex engineering systems and allows for the careful integration of the remaining services.

I’ve worked on a wide range of sectors including cultural, education, and workspaces. I have a very practical approach to the work we do and understand the importance of designing simple and efficient services.

I believe a large part of a building’s success is its ability to be easily understood by the people using it. I aim to apply that idea when designing a building’s services and catering for people’s interaction with them.

Peter Creaney