Peter Creaney


Principal Engineer, Partner

I see our role as maximising occupant comfort whilst minimising the need for complex or energy intensive solutions to provide it.

I believe good design is economical and by working with the team on the building’s form, orientation and spatial arrangement from an early stage, we can do most of the hard work in creating a comfortable and healthy space by passive means.

Energy use in buildings is a result of the human activity within them and key to reducing operational energy use is to engage with building users and the reality of how they might use a space. I'm particularly interested in the design of user controls and the importance of commissioning in achieving lower energy outcomes.

I’ve worked on a wide range of sectors including cultural, education, and workspaces from concept to aftercare. I enjoy working with the whole team to balance comfort, improve user experience and integrate the services with the architecture and wider strategic aims.

Peter Creaney