Pria Lad


Senior Engineer, Digital Design Specialist, Partner

Working, collaborating and learning from interaction with other people can create rewarding designs and results. I enjoy meeting new people and believe that coordination and communication within design teams is key to delivering buildings that are enjoyable for all their users.

I have had the chance to work on housing, offices, leisure and education projects designing various elements of the Mechanical systems. I enjoy being presented with a brief and applying Maths and Physics to try and come up with a solution.

My first exposure to BIM was during a time in which it was taking off in the building environment industry. This coincided with the early stages of my training in engineering design. Being able to develop these both together has been useful in shaping the role I hold at Max Fordham today, which enables me to both design and model engineering solutions.

Model buildings in a 3D environment has given me a better appreciation of spatial constraints and realistic design solutions early on. My time spent on Revit projects has allowed me to explore its capabilities and take advantage of how powerful a tool it can be, especially for the work that we do at Max Fordham.

I enjoy being a part of the Digital Design Team at Max Fordham, helping to continually develop and improve the way in which we work, from developing software and workflow strategies to keeping up with what others are doing in the industry.

Pria Lad