Pria Lad


Engineer, Digital Design Specialist

Working, collaborating and learning from interaction with other people can create extremely rewarding designs and results. I enjoy meeting new people and believe that coordination and communication within design teams is key to delivering buildings that are enjoyable for all their users.

My interests in Maths and Science started from a young age. Being able to use and adapt these in my job and my career has made the work I do enjoyable, as well as worthwhile and significant.

I have comprehensive experience of working in a 3D modelling environment, and it is obvious to me that integrating architecture, structure and services helps lead to elegant design. Being able to model in this way has given me a better appreciation of spatial constraints and realistic design solutions. I have had exposure to BIM during a time in which it has taken off in the built environment industry. This has allowed me to explore and acknowledge its capabilities and how powerful it can be as a tool for the work that we do.

Having worked on many housing projects, I have become familiar with the standard services required to help a living space function smoothly, providing comfort to its users. I have also worked across a range of other sectors including offices, leisure and education.

Pria Lad