Scott Crease


Director, Residential Co-Leader, Partner

Do it simple, do it right. With the best interests of the client at heart, I see my role as being a trusted consultant seeing the project through from start to finish.

Delivering robust and efficient building services design is what interests me. My approach is to simplify the design back to key criteria, before planning how everything fits together, and fits into the space.

Experienced in workspace, sport & leisure, healthcare and residential sectors, I understand the varying technical requirements of each one and aim to deliver the project to the highest standard.

Our clients can be confident in the knowledge that we take a view that considers the whole life of the project through design, installation and into use. And we will communicate what we are doing and why.

I’m realistic about the complexities of construction and have the detailed knowledge and nuanced judgement to be able to know when it is possible to compromise. In my view, delivering a successful building comes down to close coordination and collaboration across the project team.

Scott Crease