Steven Wain


Senior Engineer

People respond to buildings in different ways, but it is difficult to bring all the elements together to give a sense of something less tangible: delight.

Delight is an often-overlooked quality in building design and it’s something I strive to create in my designs.

Much of what we do as environmental engineers goes unseen – it’s in the walls, it’s in the floors and it’s in the air. But what we bring to a building can have a great effect on people’s moods, often without them knowing it.

Buildings are not merely a series of separate systems - they come together to work as a coherent whole. One element of what I am designing almost always feeds into another. As such I always consider all the systems from an early stage, no matter how small, with the goal of balancing them to achieve a great result.

I get to work on the elements of a building that its users rarely think about – everyone sees the architecture but few think about how the heating interacts with the ventilation! There is so much work that goes into these unseen elements, but they are vital to a successful project.

Steven Wain