Steven Wain


Senior Engineer, Digital Design Specialist, Partner

People respond to buildings in different ways, but it is difficult to bring all the elements together to give a sense of something less tangible: delight.

Delight is an often-overlooked quality in building design and it’s something I strive to create in my designs. Much of what we do as environmental engineers goes unseen – it’s in the walls, it’s in the floors and it’s in the air. But what we bring to a building can have a great effect on people’s moods, often without them knowing it.

I specialise in modelling, using BIM and building physics software to produce and test designs in 3D. I find the ability to manipulate and calculate using a 3D model invaluable and make use of the advantages of this quickly developing technology wherever possible to achieve more considered and efficient designs.

Buildings are not merely a series of separate systems - they come together to work as a coherent whole. One element of what I am designing almost always feeds into another. As such I always consider all the systems from an early stage, no matter how small, with the goal of balancing them to achieve a great result.

Steven Wain