Thomson Nguyen



I believe that engineers play an important role in society to tackle problems that haven’t been tackled before. We tackle issues that impact almost every single aspect of daily life.

Throughout my time at Max Fordham, I have been lucky to work on a wide range of projects including student accommodation, galleries, residential buildings and historic buildings. I really enjoy the challenges that each project presents. Every project feels like an intricate puzzle ready to be solved; each with their own set of rules, constraints and solutions. It is important that we challenge ourselves to improve upon the existing to produce high quality and sustainable buildings for our end user.

I’m proud to say that I’m London born and bred. Growing up in such a rapidly growing city like London, I’ve seen the impact buildings have had on our community and have used this experience to always keep the end user and community in mind when designing building services. I am strong advocate of social mobility as shown through volunteering with organisations such as the Social Mobility Foundation and Career Ready. I hope to positively contribute to the community in the similar way through my work at Max Fordham.

Thomson Nguyen