Tom Greenhill

MEng CEng CEnv MIMechE

Senior Engineer, Partner

First and foremost the engineering needs to work. And it needs to be as sustainable as possible.

I really enjoy the variety in my job – working on an art gallery one day, high performance sports facility the next. I’ve even worked on a space ship.

I sat on the panel for the European Space Agency’s investigatory project to turn their astronaut training centre into a self-sustaining facility. Spaceships have to be sustainable by their very nature, so their life support and environmental systems bring interesting parallels to the buildings we construct here on Earth.

All-the-while I keep the end user in mind. An astronaut can’t call a plumber in space, and you wouldn’t expect your great grandmother to adjust the heating with a mobile app. I aim to keep usability in mind and design systems to be appropriate for their users: transparent, maintainable, easy to monitor and most importantly, as simple as possible.

Tom Greenhill