garden building lincoln college

Garden Building Lincoln College

The refurbishment and extension of the Garden Building represents a sensitive and demure inclusion amongst the rarefied building stock of Lincoln College.

Converted into a lecture hall and performance space in the 1970s, the reborn arts centre now hosts exhibitions, public lectures, operas and plays.

Our design utilised a combination of mixed-mode ventilation with heat recovery, good daylighting and an efficient, air-tight envelope. The building now features high quality internal environments with minimal energy consumption. Heating and cooling are provided by an efficient air source heat pump discretely located in a specially-designed rooftop plant-well.


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Lincoln College

Andy Hutton Info
The Grade II listed Garden Building has been extended with a two-storey stone and glass pavilion
Natural ventilation is provided via glazed door openings that drive air through the vents underneath the rooflights
Andy Hutton Info
Custom light fittings are incorporated into the walls and correspond directly with the stone treads on the staircase
Andy Hutton Info
All services in the hallway are incorporated behind the acoustic absorption panels
Andy Hutton Info
The design fulfilled the requirements of a demanding brief in a restricted space