Stowe Visitor Centre

Stowe Visitor Centre

The restoration and reconstruction of the original Grade II listed 'New Inn' building, coupled with a striking but restrained new addition, has created an elegant facility for the Stowe Visitors Centre.

Modern, 21st century building services have been subtly integrated into the old farm house. This has allowed for the maintainance of its original appearance but catered for the comfort of the contemporary visitor.

We have worked closely with Cowper Griffith Associates to ensure excellent thermal performance of the building facade. Insulation levels are enhanced in both the new and reconstructed buildings to offset the poorer performance of the conserved, ancient building fabric. All heating is provided from woodchip fuel, sourced from the estate and surrounding farms, which is then dried, stored and chipped by the National Trust on site. The project was awarded BREEAM 'Very Good' Rating.


Cowper Griffith Architects






National Trust

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High quality carpentry is a hallmark of the striking roof line in the new pavilion - emblematic of the craftsmanship employed on the project
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Parlour room lighting mimics the illumination of a candles on the wall in the old farm house building
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Wood chippings from Stowe and National Trust sites in the area are stored in this purpose-built hut and used for heating fuel
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Grilles distributing heat throughout the centre are incorporated into the flooring
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A bespoke lighting system washes the interiors with a warm, welcoming glow
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Window openings and solar shading are designed to prevent overheating in hot weather
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Floor-to-ceiling glazing draws natural abundant daylighting into the communal areas
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Building services have been discreetly integrated into the fabric of the existing Grade II listed farmhouse, making them nearly invisible.