Our team is formed with a combination of CAD technicians and services engineers who are all responsible for leading our digital design strategy on current and future projects.

We can work on various aspects of the same project, keeping the information safe and all team members updated on the project's progress. 

Kathryn Donald


Senior Engineer

My approach to engineering is to look at the building and its services as a single entity; rather than viewing the different services as unconnected from the building as a whole. 

The form and fabric of the building can have a significant impact on the efficiency of the services, so it is imperative that they are not designed in isolation. I produce buildings with comfortable environments that people love to visit, work or live in.

This means integrating the services so that they complement the architecture and structure. As well as making them simple and easy to use for the building’s future occupants.

For our understanding and knowledge in these areas to have the greatest impact, we should be involved in projects from the very start. In this way we can work with the architect to develop the best building possible for our client.

John Gunstone



Buildings are agents of interaction. People interact with a building, which then interacts with the environment.

As a designer, I consider the interplay between all the design parameters of a building to help create something that works and operates coherently.  

It all starts with the brief - a straight forward brief doesn’t have to imply a straightforward solution. It simply identifies all the aspirations of the project that need fulfilling; it defines the boundaries. I investigate the brief until I understand exactly what and where those boundaries are. That allows me to work with creativity and freedom within them. 

I like to design the building as if there are no electrical and mechanical systems - how can the architecture be optimised to make a naturally comfortable internal environment? When passive design is doing as much of the work as possible, only then do I add tech to maximise building performance. The result is lean, well-developed engineering that supports the architecture.

Andrew McQuatt


Senior Engineer

My aim on every project is to fully understand my client’s needs. That way, I can engineer environments that are comfortable and sustainable with systems that are easy for the occupants to operate.

My experience crosses a range of sectors – from offices and schools to social housing. The thread joining this diverse range of projects is my skill in energy-efficient design. I’ve designed natural ventilation and daylight strategies and incorporated biomass boilers, solar thermal, wind turbines and photovoltaics.

There’s an environmental focus to my work, in that I’m designing systems that use less resources, and I enjoy seeing them develop from concept to completion. For example, John Hope Gateway Building at the Royal Botanic Gardens, Edinburgh showcases a wide range of low-carbon and renewable technologies and includes an above and below-ground rainwater harvesting system. The Toffee Factory office space refurbishment includes a biomass boiler heating system, natural ventilation and daylighting design.