Alasdair Reid


Director, Partner

As engineers, we have a key role to play in creating buildings that are a pleasure to be in, cost-effective to run and deliver what the end user wants.

I love the collaborative process of designing and constructing buildings. It’s fantastic when the team works together to integrate good engineering solutions with the architecture. By keeping an eye on the bigger picture, we can help to create a built environment that positively enriches peoples' lives.

It is also exciting that as engineers, we can contribute to providing solutions to some of the biggest challenges facing the world today. Doing this successfully involves careful thought to arrive at appropriate responses that are robust and yet elegantly engineered. This relies on experience and insight to work within the technical, planning, regulatory and commercial constraints.

In all cases, the success of the projects comes down to the people. It is essential to remain engaged with the client and architect's vision throughout the process. Being involved in the briefing process from an early stage has always played a significant part in our most successful projects.

Alasdair Reid