We value and celebrate the fact that our people come from a huge variety of backgrounds; we commit whole-heartedly to maintaining this diversity of background and thought. Our practice numbers nearly 300 engineers, designers, consultants, and business administrators across our five offices, and includes engineers, physicists, architects, biologists, zoologists, mathematicians, historians, and many more. We are all united by an ability to think practically and creatively, and a shared sense of responsibility, commitment, and duty towards each other, our practice, and our projects.


Photo from above of people's hands, making a cardboard model of a building

Our practice is composed of people who believe in and are passionate about what we do – and it shows.

Described as "environmental wizards" by The Guardian for our part in the redevelopment of the National Portrait Gallery, we apply considered thinking to push boundaries, drive change, and solve problems, whether they relate to our projects or running our business. 

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