Baptiste Aubry


Senior Engineer, Partner

When I start a new project, I like to fully understand the aims for both the client and the architect, and how the spaces we're designing will be used. This helps me to offer the most suitable and sustainable solution for the project.

I have worked on a wide spectrum of projects, from a prestigious theatre in Morocco to a private house in Oxfordshire. This variety has helped me to develop my understanding of the design process, and how it varies depending on the type of building.

My projects have included a number of museums and theatres - both in the UK and abroad - including Grand Theatre de Rabat, Brighton Dome, The Wallace Collection and Musee d'Arts de Nantes. I have also worked on school and residential projects, where the challenge is to create buildings that are simple to use while having the minimum impact on the environment.

Through proper engagement  with the whole design team, we can ensure we all have the same vision and can create a fully functioning building. My favourite part of any project is watching the building come to life.

My overall vision is to design buildings that are simple, easy to run and sustainable in use.

Baptiste Aubry