Bianca Wilcox


Senior Engineer, Digital Design Specialist, Partner

I am a detailed-orientated designer. My overriding aim is to make sure no detail, big or small, is overlooked.

I began working at a time when workflows were changing from 2D line drawings to the production of 3D realistic models. It has given me an even greater appreciation of the importance of solutions that are fully thought through.

I specialise in the 3D modelling of building services, from concept design, through detailed design and to construction. I am also experienced in the design of highly detailed pre-manufactured units such as bathrooms and utility pods, so understand the advantages and considerations of designing for prefabrication.

My work is driven by sustainability, but by an aspect that is often over-looked. I believe that limiting on-site construction waste is essential to tackling the environmental impact of buildings and construction and that BIM is critical for this. 

I thoroughly enjoy collaboration and working through problems with other team members. I believe this leads to buildings that are optimised for the client and the user.

Bianca Wilcox