Charmaine McKeown


Director, Human Resources, Partner

When Max established the Practice in 1966, he did so with a clear view about how it should run.

His vision was for a democratic workplace, and that everyone should have a voice. He believed that it should be an inclusive, diverse and interesting environment – one where you would be proud to work.

Part of my role is helping to ensure we uphold those values. Being a partnership is more than sharing the profits: it defines our approach to everything we do.  We’ve grown quite quickly in recent years, and it’s challenging to protect and shape our culture as the numbers of people increase.

Max Fordham has always recruited the best talent, both engineering and business support.  What I love most about my role is seeing how individuals learn and develop, and begin to take up the responsibility of ownership through active involvement in running the business.  Finding people comfortable in an environment that encourages mutuality, trust and respect, and actively eschews the ‘corporate’ is very satisfying from my point of view.

If you would like to work at Max Fordham, I would say, bring your talent, and your energy and your initiative and be ready to make your mark.  It’s an exciting place to work.

Charmaine McKeown