Dan Kelly


IT Developer, Partner

I develop the software that allows the engineers who work at Max Fordham to spend less time doing administration and more time on what they do best – beautiful engineering.

That extends to me as well. If people have to fight my software to get something done, then I’ve failed somewhere along the way. My aim is for beautifully engineered software.

Working in-house to develop our software means working closely with the people who will use it. This helps with rapid reiteration and greater engagement.

I really enjoy the freedom that working at Max Fordham gives you. I am able to work how I want, in order to find to the solution the Practice needs. I’m good at finding answers to challenges identified by members of the Practice, and turning them into a tool that benefits all who work here. 

I have been developing software and databases for Max Fordham since 2000. I used Delphi, for about 14 years, and have recently moved to JavaScript and HTML for developing the Max Fordham WebApp.

Dan Kelly