Michael Bullard


Director, IT, Partner

Technology has the potential to improve everything we do, but the pace of change is rapid and it often seems that no sooner have we deployed a solution than it's being replaced. I have come to accept that my role is not to be an expert in any particular technology, but instead to embrace and effectively manage technological change.

The most important lesson I have learned is: keep it simple! All too often, the attraction of complex solutions entices us to move away from this principle, but experience has taught me over and over again that the simplest solution is usually the most successful.

The biggest challenge we face is ensuring we bring everyone with us. In an office environment, the breadth of comfort with technology can be immense. Finding ways to bridge these gaps is essential for the successful adoption of any solution.

During my time at Max Fordham, I have come to fully understand that I am part of an important team that is helping to support our practice as it continues to challenge the construction industry to prioritise the natural environment, wherever possible.

Michael Bullard