Pete Burgon


Principal Engineer, Partner

I make design ideas a reality. Using physics and my experience from past projects, I engineer buildings that feel simple and run lightly.

I cut my teeth working on The Hive in Worcester, a complex mixed-use building where I gained extensive grounding in all aspects of environmental design and construction.

The design team from The Hive was the same team that worked on the Woodland Trust Headquarters, and I returned routinely to both projects after completion for post occupancy evaluation. From this experience, I formed a strong understanding of how a design on paper is used in practice. This understanding now informs all work I do.

I have worked on a range of new build and refurbishment projects with new teams, including University of Kent Library, St Luke’s Church, Regeneration House and Wycombe Abbey School. On each new project I take what I’ve previously learnt and used it to improve the design of the next building.

Tying all these projects together is sustainable design. I’m proficient in IES modelling, energy calculations and Post Occupancy Evaluation and have completed extensive research on the best use of thermal mass.

Pete Burgon