Ricardo Munoz-Cano

Electrical Engineer, Partner

Before I joined Max Fordham, I spent nearly fifteen years working as an electrical engineer in the oil and gas industry.

What I learnt in that time was the value of a methodical and accurate approach to engineering design. In that industry, with the risks involved – both physical and financial – there is no other way. By investing time to do the job properly in the first instance, I can reduce the risks and provide great benefit for the client and the design team.

Previously, I’ve collaborated on multi-billion pound projects with teams of more than 800. What I’ve learned working at that scale has been greatly beneficial to the teams I’ve collaborated with since joining Max Fordham.

After more than a decade of designing systems for oil platforms and gas terminals, it’s been great working on so many different projects with Max Fordham. From stunning listed theatres and museums to airport catering facilities, my skills can be applied widely and to great effect.

Aside from the project diversity, one of my favourite things about working at Max Fordham is the diversity of the team. There is so much energy! 

Ricardo Munoz-Cano